I love this place. And my heart is longing for it when I'm not there. Tübingen enchants with its brooked houses, the paved streets and the many cozy cafés. A walk along the Neckar, a quiet moment in the park or a jolly afternoon with others on the wall that runs the river make you escape from your daily grind. It is the place where to feel at home. Why living somewhere else?
Coming to Tübingen for the first time I thought that it would be too small for me staying there. Now I'm here for quite a while.

I love this place. It's where I found someone to love.


Tübingen is the embodiment of a 'green town'. Besides the huge amount of bicycles (there might be more bicycles than humans) and the vegi-shops and vegi-bars, a green color decorates the whole town. Especially in spring and summer the flowers and trees bring nature close to you. Just a 10 minute walk from the center you find yourself on the rural Österberg hill. Be careful not to walk exactly where the sheeps have grazed. They are quite curious, however, and not at all camera-shy.


Though Tübingen is small, there is always something to do. It depends on how creative you are.
However, the triathlon this summer was an impressive event that attracted many fans of athleticism - be it the highly motivated participants or the relaxed spectators who enjoyed ice cream and beer in the sun.


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