Color is everywhere. Be it in the old traditional temples, the shopping blocks, the food or the womans' make-up. Let me show you some of the Korean colors.


What looks like a hugh buffet is just 'normal' lunch for two people. Always a surprise: which 'side dishes' will show up this time? You don't know where to start and where to stop. In the end, completely overwhelmed, you just give it up. If it's not because of the speciness, it's because it is simply too much for a person with a normal stomach.


A water lily next to a 1500 year-old temple. Some flowers have not changed ever since. They add something graceful to the splendid green of Korean trees and bushes.


It also belongs to the Korean colors. North Korea: over there, behind the Han River. Nature is so innocent, it doesn't tell anything about its experience in history. It doesn't suggest the differences. Mountains in the South and in the North, a peaceful landscape with a yet bitter atmosphere.


These pictures are so different from the bright K-pop style that governs the young Korean generation: Korea's elderly people often look like these women. Tired but still hopeful. When I asked them for the photos they answered in a most friendly way. Selling food or traditional objects on the street is how they earn their living. Cleaning or waste collection is done by elderly people. For earning enough to live - and for being part of society maybe?
The gap between the generations could not seem larger in this moment.


True, you can find bread in Korea. And some 'baguettes' (It is actually not 'baquetts') may come close to what a baguette looks like in France. Though the taste of the bread from 'Tous les jours' & Co is different. Softer, sweeter, more Korean. And while they sell 'simple' baguettes with only blueberries, others look like burned and exploded sausages. The most amusing for me was to find the 'Hans Brot' Boulangerie & Pātisserie!


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