Fall has come. And I got trapped by the clouds on my 6 hours hike at Songnisan Nationalpark. This weather adds a new aspect to Koreas nature.


1950m. That is the highest point in South Korea: Halla Mountain. It is THE volcano on Jeju Island, with a crater diameter of 400 m! The Mountain can be seen from every point on the Island. It is exciting to literally change the point of view and to make it all the way to the top of Hallasan.
The trail starts with a beautiful walk trough subtropical forest. Only after some kilometers and bottles of water I left the forest and realized how high I already got.
At the end there are stairs and many Koreans. And wind. - And the happy 'I did it'-feeling.


Close to the busy city Seoul and yet so far away. Even though I didn't go to the highest peak of Bukhansan National Park (which is 836.5m high), I was proud enough when we arrived at this 600m-peak. The view was worth it! It is so calm, even the chirr of the crickets had disappeared.


Hiking through the national park in the South of Gyeongju is like a journey to a world 1000 years ago. The Sambulsa Temple lies at the foot of Namsa Mountain and buddhist statues seem watching over it. The smell of pine-trees is in the air. Dragonflies whirr around. Bamboo grows on sandy ground. And from Namsan's peak you have a magical view on the distant mountains.


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